On writing

I have been writing all my life. But there is a difference between writing and being a writer. It’s only since I retired, and achieved some degree of success, that I have felt sufficiently qualified to describe myself as a writer.

I have published fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, history, local history and verse. I am currently engaged on a new project, concerning the events depicted in the Bayeux Tapestry. With the Tapestry coming back to Britain again for the first time in over a thousand years, this is truly an exciting time to be a student of medieval history.

On Teaching is the distillation of a lifetime’s experience at the chalkface of learning by a teacher of rare insight, wisdom, and humanity. Its short chapters mix anecdote and insight with a seasoning of humour never far away – the author knows his business, and knows how to write about it in a way that captures the process of education and the characters (both students and staff) that make the classroom simultaneously the most important crucible for the self-perpetuation of civilisation and a wildly unpredictable area for low farce, high cunning, and the glorious subversion of the best intentions. It really would make a wonderful Radio 4 “bedtime reading” series of broadcasts – delivering the inevitable nostalgia with wit and charm. If the world can produce teachers like this, then perhaps the human species has a chance – not of instant redemption but of gradual education.’  Andrew Trim commenting on On Teaching in Amazon

‘This is historical drama at its best. The book is clearly meticulously researched and the characters feel so real that one is almost transported back nearly a thousand years. The author has a unique style which should appeal to readers who would not normally be considering reading books of this genre. Highly recommended!’  Amazon reviewer on The Last Conquest

‘A great read. Berwick Coates really does know how to create characters. I felt like I knew some of the main players and could also relate the traits to people I have met over the years. This is a story a lot of people are fascinated with, myself included and it was a great version of events and characters. Thoroughly recommended.’ Amazon reviewer on The Last Conquest

‘A brilliant read, thoroughly enjoyed it. Would recommend to anyone who likes this period of history.’ Amazon reviewer on The Last Viking

‘I read your novel The Last Conquest today, and wanted to say what an amazing story it is. I have to be honest and admit I was crying in places, especially at the end of the battle. Even though I knew the outcome the characters were so well drawn I wanted both sides to win ! I’m looking forward to reading The Last Viking, just wish I had found this before Conquest.’  Kate Latheron on The Last Conquest